Spanish Butchery in South Florida

I have recently moved to the beautiful city of Boynton Beach, Florida, where the school districts are excellent and the skies are always blue. I have always thought of south Florida as the melting pot of Latin culture in the United States. 21 Latin American countries meet in Florida to share and exchange the multiple…


Broward Translation Services

Whenever I come home from an all-day interpreting job, I want to be in absolute silence and would rather nobody talk to me. When I get in the car, I must turn off the radio because if I don’t, I will keep on translating whatever the radio hosts are talking about. The elevated state of…


The Music of Translators

Just as a musician controls harmony on one hand, and melody on the other hand, while reading a grid of notes to the voice of a poem full of emotions, translators seem to do something very similar. A translator becomes an expert in a topic, while reading it. He understands the context, the meaning and…


Lost in Translation

Proper translation of Corporate documents is not a readily available Google app. General concepts in a Company are easily understood by CAT tools, however, giving your corporate information to open source tools online may be a risky solution. Translation is more than just a language/based activity.  Translating your business requires confidential document management, ethics, knowledge,…


How to pick a medical interpreter

Medical interpreters are easily found in Florida.  Almost any bilingual friend could act as your medical interpreter if you don´t really have any medical issues.  However,  what most people don´t realize is that when medical issues show up up, whether you are an ER patient or an external consult one,  you need someone who can…


How to Pick a Court Interpreter

Leaving your legal status, on any subject, in the hands of an unqualified court interpreter, may be extremely dangerous.  Imagine not being able to understand what the judge is telling you, and not knowing if the person who is translating for you understands what the judge is saying. The difference between being fully bilingual and…