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About us

TR+S translation services stand out because they are natural, since they are not read as translations, but as documents that are thought out and written organically for the target context. 

Certified translators and Interpreters

TR+S Certified Translators

TR+S aims to satisfy the communication needs of our clients. We ensure the integrity of all our translation services with certified translators and interpreters.

At TR+S we translate your documents exactly as they are supposed to be. First of all, we guarantee the strictest confidentiality. Our market strategy as official translators  is based on honestypunctualityprecision and commitment.

In addition, we have developed strategies for continuous updating and improvement of our service. We are trained in translation software, communication and information technologies, and customer service.

For a complete list of certified translators and interpreters please refer to ATA and fill in the blank fields.

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Where we head

Our mission is not a single statement. We have a complete system of beliefs which describe our Corporate philosophy  and our lives. Our mission includes 5 key elements:

People: TRS is a great place to work. We are inspired to be the best version of ourselves. Therefore, our clients see our commitment and hard-work. As a result, all our endeavors excel with quality. We aim to provide the best translation services available.

Portfolio: Our quality translation services and associated services satisfy people’s and corporate needs for translation.

Teamwork: Our network of suppliers, certified translators, interpreters, technical translators, and administrators, promotes and creates permanent value.

Communication: We make a difference by responsibly building and keeping healthy and sustainable communication in any language. Therefore, you can rest assured that our services will exceed your expectations.

Well-being: Our profit lies in maximizing long-term return while keeping in mind our responsibilities. For this reason, we offer more than translation services, we solve your language requirements.

Productivity - Maximize profit, while considering each other´s responsibilities

Associates – To have an increasing network of clients and suppliers that grows and lasts in time

Friends - Inspire people to be better every day, by being a great place to work

Sustainability – To build sustainable communities by being responsible citizens aware of our carbon footprint

Portfolio – To offer a translation service portfolio that anticipates and satisfies our client´s needs

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TR+S specializes translation services and interpretation by certified translators in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese

The Company targets small and large companies, individuals, and state institutions.

TR+S foreign affiliate company is TR+S  SAS,  the top translation company in Colombia. It operates since June 10th, 2011. The company provides written and spoken translation services. TR+S offers the highest quality in the market by maintaining strict quality standards and protocols. We base our value on our client´s needs. TR+S  provides translation services for companies such as:

Presidencia de la Republica de Colombia, FENALCO, PNUD, DIAN, ACORL, Pacific Rubiales, New Granada Energy, Perenco, Tenaris, Philips, Mindcode, Young & Rubicam, Lexmark Latin America, STO Colombia, STO Corp, ETB, ZTE, and Sab Miller among others.

Our experience and expertise in  official, certified, technical, consecutive, and simultaneous translations exceeds our clients’ expectations.

TR+S  INC follows its foreign company’s business ethics and model. Thus, we provide the highest-quality  translation service. This way we ensure our client’s satisfaction.

Most of all, our customers experience, superior client service choosing TR+ S over other similar companies. The professional experience of the key management personnel is our secret at TR+S.

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TR+S is a leading Company in translation services. We are specialized translators in different professional areas of expertise. At TR+S, we have 60+ years of combined experience in translation and communication strategies in foreign languages.

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Under a platform of coordinated, multidisciplinary teamwork, our translation portfolio covers all type of document translation requirements. We deliver translation and interpreting services within the United States and abroad.

Not only does TR+S translate your legal documents to make your certification /naturalization process hassle free, we give you that extra oomph you need when taking such a big step.

Our certified translators have experience in translation protocols. This is why we are always willing to help you out. In addition, TR+S interpreters, are not just experienced, but constantly training to improve their interpreting skills.

Of course, modern life demands multi-language comprehension of business, school and everyday stuff. Therefore, allow TR+S Translations to provide the best translation services available today.

Contact our certified translators and interpreters at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call us at: +1 7305 988 2114

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Much of our B2B experience is related to the oil and gas, financialpharmaceuticalIT, and many other sectors. For information on your specific industry go to our sectors tab   on our home page to check our specific expertise in your field.

Although our translators are experienced in B2B related translations, we consider our translators as experts on their own professional areas such as: legalmedicalfinancialengineering, marketing etc.

Contact TR+S and request your free quote today.