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Translators usually hold a position of advantage before their clients.  Usually, a translator is hired when one or two sides in a negotiation doesn’t understand the language of the other.  This may be true for document translation services as well as for meetings.

Confidentiality is a privilege, framed in ethics, which is crucial in certain negotiations and which is difficult to find, and moreover guarantee. Although the corporate world and ISO both establish that confidentiality must be followed when handling sensitive information, translators are often unaware of the position that they hold in an international negotiation process.

A translator unaware of a transfer of technology in a military context, may not realize that the information that he or she is handling may make him a military objective.  A translator who doesn’t realize that a medical-patient relationship is confidential may cause irremediable damage to the family of a client, if he or she speaks more than required.  A translator holding the negotiation of a multinational agreement or a free trade negotiation may deliver extra information at the dinner table by just making conversation with family members.

Confidentiality must not be taken lightly when hiring translation services.  When choosing a translator, not only their translating experience is important, but also their background, certifications, and recommendations.

Make sure that you hire a translator who you can trust your confidential information with, not just to make sure that they can translate it properly, but also to prevent your information from falling into the domain of unwanted hands.

At TR+S Translations, we take confidentiality seriously, our translators are pre-screened and handpicked by the CEO.  We are more than a group of translators.  We know each other, our faces, our professions, our skills.  We are real people who have children and pets. Some of us eat meat, some of us don’t, but we trust each other enough to know that we can handle our information with an ethical sense. Therefore, we can guarantee that we will handle your information with the same care as we handle each other’s.

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