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Corporate Translation in Panama

TR+S Traducciones y Servicios Inc. specializes in providing corporate translation services in Panama. Our core business however, is not translating documents or events, but communicating your business in the language you need it. By understanding the way our clients work, we are able to transmit our client´s need is a more generous sense, including subjective aspects of communication, such as body language and tone of voice. This makes our interpretation services in Panama, the most effective way to do business in multiple languages. Since Spanish is the official language in Panama, most public documents are to be officially translated into Spanish to be considered as valid documents for business in Panama. Considering that Panama is the biggest business and logistics Hub in the Americas, our specialized translators are ready and specifically trained to translate corporate documents to and from Spanish. Our Panama translators are experts in translating bills of Lading, Articles of Incorporation, and other corporate documents required for doing business in Panama.

One of our biggest translation client sectors in Panama is the banking sector, where we safeguard the confidentiality and privacy of your information. TR+S offers confidentiality agreements for translation to ensure our clients with the most secure and intelligent way to translate corporate documents in Panama. Our main concern is to provide our clients with top quality, secure translation procedures and standards in Panama. Our interpreters in Panama are full time translators, personally known and trained by our CEO at TR+S.

Our clients in Panama include airlines, shipping carriers, financial institutions and oil companies. We stand before our Panama clients helping them build their brands, convey their message, solve their communication issues and grow their business. In Panama, TR+S wears your t-shirt.

Through the highest employment standards at TR+S we guarantee loyalty and confidentiality in all our translation and interpretation projects in Panama.

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Our content editing team also offers the possibility of creating an attractive and efficient version of your advertising material in the language of your choice, adapting your intentions to the cultural context of the target market.

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