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Our interpreters in Miami are professionals in different areas of expertise. These include engineering, architecture, education, philology, business administration, and marketing, as well as culture, food, transportation and entertainment among others. Miami’s cultural diversity requires translators to be on the top of  the main economic, financial, cultural and social events in Florida, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Our interpreters in Miami are full-time professional translators and interpreters. They are all personally known and trained by our CEO. All our translators in Miami are certified locally and abroad. Countries where they may be certified include the United States, Colombia, and Brazil.

We are also certified court interpreters. Our court interpreting services include worker´s compensation, insurance claims, accident claims, among others. We accompany you on your USCIS appointments.

Our expert interpreters are sensitive to your cultural background and regionalisms while versed in legal terminology. As professional interpreters our job is to be as invisible as possible throughout your procedure. That is why we go the extra mile in understanding your situation beforehand. We would love to speak to you and listen to your voice. This way we can assign the best register possible, to fit your needs.

There are many people involved in a legal procedure who must be able to bypass language barriers; this includes court reporters, attorneys, judges, consuls, as well as the people involved in the procedure. We strive to beat those barriers in the most comprehensive manner.

For more information, or to set up your appointment, please email us at info@trstranslations.com.

You can also call us at +1 305 988 2114.

Interpreting at your LATAM meeting

South Florida holds international meetings of all kinds. Most LATAM corporate meetings are held in its amazing hotels.  When projecting your next multi-language meeting, TR+S is your best ally in Florida. Allow TR+S to represent your communication skills. We take care of the language barrier so you don’t have to.

If you are looking for an interpreter in Miami for your event, meeting or appointment, contact TR+S Translations today and request your free quote for service. Our translators and interpreters in Miami are ready to help you.

Our Credentials

TR+S Translations is a corporate member of the American Translator´s Association since 2012, and continues to promote ATA certification of all of its translators. TR+S grants them affiliations and sponsors training and sit-in sessions for its  interpreters in Miami.

Through permanent training and updating of our translators, we ensure  the best quality translations in Miami and in Florida.

Call us or fill out our request for quote for your upcoming event or project.

TR+S is not the biggest Translation Company in Miami, we are simply the best translators and interpreters in Florida. TR+S is the most effective way to translate your documents or events in Miami.


Contact TR+S to obtain your advertising translation service for your next advertising campaign and ensure an international impact. Our experienced translators will help you improve the knowledge of your target market and increase sales.

Our content editing team also offers the possibility of creating an attractive and efficient version of your advertising material in the language of your choice, adapting your intentions to the cultural context of the target market.

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