Have you ever felt like the speaker at a conference just told a joke and you missed it because it was lost in translation?

Most frequently, interpretation services deliver around 70 to 80% of the entire message.  At TR+S, we strive to convey 100% of the message issued in the source language, in the language you require.

Our interpretation services are based on your need to communicate a spoken message in a language other than the one you are speaking.  We deliver your message with the same enthusiasm and profound knowledge that you express it.  Our interpreters are being permanently trained and updated in communication techniques which include expressing body language through intonation.

Simultaneous Interpretation

 Simultaneous Interpretation is the act of transferring a spoken message from its original language to its target language in real time through the use of audio technology.

Usually, Simultaneous interpretation is done one way, with a short two-way communication session during Q/A sessions which may or may not be part of the event being held.

Consecutive Translation

Consecutive translation is usually undertaken in small conferences or even training sessions with small groups, where communication is back and forth in source and target languages.

Consecutive translation requires great note taking ability and memory by the interpreter, as well as excellent presentation and etiquette, as the interpreter is usually sitting at the conference table or meeting as part of the audience.

Medical interpretation

Medical interpretation services are rendered at hospitals and clinics where interpreters are required to explain to the doctor what the patient is undergoing, and to provide the patient with all the medical information to which he or she is entitled while being treated.

Medical interpretation requires ample knowledge of the medical terminology as well as rights and duties of both medical staff and patients.  Interpreters however should not provide counseling in any way, and must remain invisible to the situation at all times.

Medical interpreting is also required at simultaneous interpretation medical conferences where international crowds are invited.

Legal Interpretation

Legal and court interpreters are required to bear knowledge of legal processes in different countries, cultures and contexts.  This is not an easy task.  Therefore, TR+S is very jealous of its legal interpreters, and requires of them the upmost confidentiality and trustworthiness.

Voice over

When translating videos and other audiovisual materials, we provide the most comprehensive language translation and localization services throughout the Americas.  Our native English, Spanish and Portuguese interpreters have been voice trained and are permanently undergoing screening and updating sessions to ensure the quality of our interpretation services through a neutral and natural flow of speaking skills.