Consecutive translation

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Consecutive translation

Consecutive translation takes place when audience groups are fairly small, and/ or when workshops or audience participation is necessary to carry out the event, and the lecturer needs permanent interaction with the audience. Consecutive translation is very useful during training exercises and practical courses in foreign languages, where the speaker provides information or part of the information in his/her original language, and information is translated into the destination language immediately, in intervals, of more or less duration, which are used in order for the speaker to retake the topic, and / or the interpreter or translator to listen attentively in order to translate it and reproduce it as faithfully as possible to his/her best knowledge.

The interpreter who translates simultaneously is not necessarily the person who translates consecutively. Consecutive translation requires a different training level, and in many cases, it is considered less formal, causing less tension for the translator. Consecutive translation requires training in translating form the source language to the target language and back, in real time.

Generally speaking, you can request our consecutive translation experts for meetings, small conferences, or even weddings.  After all, at TR+S we solve your communication needs in any language.

The interpreter´s job during consecutive translation is characterized by the strength and capacity to remember, which is considered prodigious. Additionally to the interpreter´s incredible memory, the interpreter must maintain the original intonation of the speaker, in search to imitate the gestures and body language of the main speaker.

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