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Interpreting Services Miami

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting transfers a spoken message from its original language to its target language in real time. We use audio technology for this.

In most cases, simultaneous interpretation is done one way. It may include two-way communication during Q/A sessions at the event.

Consecutive Translation

Consecutive translation takes place in small meetings or training sessions with small groups. Here, communication is back and forth in source and target languages.

Consecutive translation requires great note-taking ability and memory by the interpreter. It also demands excellent presentation and etiquette. The interpreter is usually at the table or meeting as an active participant.

Interpreting Services

Interpreting 1

Have you ever missed the joke at the conference  because it was lost in translation?

Interpreting services deliver about 70 to 80% of the message.  At TR+S, we strive to convey 100% of the message  in the language you understand.

Our interpreting services respond to your need to communicate your message in a language other than yours.  We communicate with the same enthusiasm and knowledge that you speak. This is why our interpreters constantly train and update their communication techniques. This includes expressing body language through intonation.

Medical interpreting

Medical interpreting services are rendered at hospitals, and clinics. Here, interpreters  explain to the doctor what the patient is undergoing. They also provide the patient with the medical information for their treatment.

Medical interpreting requires knowledge of medical terminology, as well as rights and duties of both medical staff and patients.  However, interpreters should not provide counseling at all. They must remain invisible to the situation.

Some international medical conferences use simultaneous interpreters to show research and breakthroughs in medicine.

Legal Interpreting

Legal and court interpreters translate legal processes in different countries, cultures and contexts.  This is not an easy task for non-lawyers.  Therefore, TR+S demands confidentiality and trustworthiness from its legal interpreters.

Legal interpreters keep themselves stealth, precise, exact and true to the language.  Legal interpreting is extremely strict and exact. It entails high levels of civil responsibility and liability. This leaves no room for errors. Clear, and neutral interpreting are key to legal interpreting.

Voice over

When translating videos, we provide  comprehensive translation and localization services.  Our English, Spanish and Portuguese interpreters are voice trained. They also go through  screening and updating sessions to ensure the quality of our interpreting services. Their flow of  words is neutral and natural.


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