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Consecutive translation

Workshops, Training and Courses

Consecutive translation is best with smaller audience groups.  Workshops where audience participation is necessary, and the lecturer requires interaction are great settings for consecutive interpreting.

Consecutive translation is very useful during training exercises and practical courses in foreign languages, where the speaker provides information in their original language. Here, information is translated into the destination language immediately, in intervals, used  for the speaker to retake the topic, and the interpreter  to listen attentively.

Court Interpreting

Court appearances and depositions may also require consecutive interpreting. The court system secures accessibility of its legal proceeding to all persons regardless of their ability to communicate in English.

Lawyers and judges may be able to communicate their intentions. However, as a client, witness or defendant, you have the right to communicate in the language you understand. Court interpreters at TR+S Translations will help you communicate effectively.

two men and one woman in a meeting

The interpreter´s job during consecutive translation is characterized by the strength and capacity to remember, which is considered prodigious. Additionally to the interpreter´s incredible memory, the interpreter must maintain the original intonation of the speaker. Not all language forms are verbal. Gestures and body language are a huge chunk of the communication process.

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Business Settings

Interviews, meetings and negotiations may also require a consecutive interpreter. Communicating with your foreign peers to convey a business proposal or decision can be stressful. Our interpreters know the language, the culture and the business world.

The interpreter who translates simultaneously is not necessarily the person who translates consecutively. Consecutive translation requires a different training level. In many cases, it is considered less formal, causing less tension for the interpreter. Consecutive interpreting requires training in interpreting form the source language to the target language and back, in real time.

You can request our consecutive interpreters for meetings, small conferences, or even weddings.  After all, at TR+S we solve your communication needs in any language.

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Our content editing team also offers the possibility of creating an attractive and efficient version of your advertising material in the language of your choice, adapting your intentions to the cultural context of the target market.

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