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Much of our B2B experience is related to the oil and gas, financial, pharmaceutical, IT, and many other sectors. For information on your specific industry go to our sectors tab   on our home page to check our specific expertise in your field.

Although our translators are experienced in B2B related translations, we consider our translators as experts on their own professional areas such as: legal, medical, financial, engineering, marketing etc.

Expert Glossaries

TR+S translators have access to specialized internal TR+S dictionaries in different areas such as:

  • Geology
  • Legal
  • Environmental
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Medical
  • Marketing
  • ICT

Additionally, we these are some specialized online glossaries available to all translators:

And many more…

We also provide specialized glossaries for companies upon request.

CAT Tools Vs. Experience

We do not use translation memories or Computer assisted translations and we discourage their use from all our translators.  Our translators are fully aware of this and abide by this protocol at all times.

The reason why, at TR+S, we do not use this technology is that the nature of our business has  a focus on real people who think out and understand the way in which a document is expressed in its original language, in order to devise the best way to transmit the message efficiently and in a constructive way.

When translators use CAT tools and translation memories, their competencies shift towards editing.  Translators are definitely not editors and they should not be. It has been our experience that the introduction of translation memories and CAT tools into a process that is not massifiable, makes even expert translators lazy, and since they do not have the editing skills required to complete the process, the results are poor documents. Therefore, we do not use or stimulate the use of this technology at our company.

We do however, have a system that allows us to control incoming documents from our clients, red flagging repeated documents, before assigning them to be translated.

Glossaries and Styles from other Vendors

Depending on the quality of the Glossary and styles, our expert translators are willing to use guides from other vendors, subject to review, based on each specific case.

Review Tools or Glossary Management Tools

We provide review tools or glossary management tools upon request.


TRADUCCIONES Y SERVICIOS keeps the formats of the documents delivered by our clients as long as they are modifiable and not password protected.

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