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Software Translation and Localization

TR+S experts in software translation and localization services will help you broaden your client base and allow you to reach clients more effectively around the world.

Our team will work with you to establish the process of software translation procedure that best fits your goals.  We will go through the localization guidelines together, in order to improve the quality, precision and friendliness of the international version of your website, program, app or game.

Using the proper software translation and localization service, establishing clear guidelines and working together with our production team, will reduce the costs of localization of your website in multiple languages and targets. Don´t miss out on any more launching dates because your website is not user-ready.

The use of technology and localization software translation tools is an essential component in a successful localization process.

Video games target specific audiences, making the translation process a crucial part of their success. Therefore, TR+S offers game developers the most efficient localization options in video game translation. In essence, we do not interfere with your programming. We only handle the front-end  presentation of the information that you want your end-user to understand to efficiently manage your software.  In fact, we go through this with you from the moment you contact us.

All our projects are customized to fit our clients needs. We keep your story line without interfering with your end user´s language limitations. Additionally, we consider adapting your language preferences to fit the different variations and slang of specific regions.

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