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Video games

Video Games

Video game localization is not just about language, it is also about culture. The globalization of video games and online gaming booms. However, successful titles still depend on the adaptation of the original games to different  languages. The TR+S video game localization team is experienced in semiotics. We are also aware of the differences between the symbols in different languages.

By working together with game developers and localization experts, we can successfully overcome those little differences. These differences  transcend the syntactic communication sphere. A successful video game localization can support allow the game to reach a more effective semantic and pragmatic sphere.

We offer a wide variety of services for game developers and editors. We also offer specialized services for  video game localization. Whether the game is being developed in its initial stages or ready to launch. TR+S helps you improve the user experience through language localization.

The use of appropriate technology and software localization tools is a crucial component in localization.

Our team includes language translators, linguists and video editors for your convenience. Call TR+S today, or send your video to for a free quote.

Advertising and marketing videos

We also provide localization services for other media.

Much of the advertising and marketing industry has turned to video. You Tube, Instagram and other platforms, offer micro content spaces. These are opportunities for you to place your product.

Placing your product can be as easy as a 1-minute video. It can be as ample as you localize it geographically. It can also be as effective as the number of languages you launch it in. Our video localization experts can broaden your borders. Dare to export, dare to conquer new markets. Allow TR+S to localize your marketing pieces. You focus on your product, we focus on effectively communicating the world about it.

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