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Medical interpreters are easily found in Florida.  Almost any bilingual friend could act as your medical interpreter if you don´t really have any medical issues.  However,  what most people don´t realize is that when medical issues show up up, whether you are an ER patient or an external consult one,  you need someone who can recognize and translate medical terms in a way that you can comprehend what the doctors are trying to tell you.

If you don´t understand what the doctors are trying to tell you, you may be accepting or denying treatments that may help or place you at risk at a given time. If you can´t communicate with your doctor about your medical history or tell him about previous allergic reactions to medicine, you may be in for trouble.

A medical interpreter is somebody who understands medical terms and can use them in both languages while keeping the ethics of the profession.  The medical interpreter must never have an opinion or additional question about your medical situation. Additionally, the medical interpreter will be as understanding and assertive as the doctor in providing translation of diagnosis and or test results.

A crucial characteristic of a good medical interpreter is his or her ability to ensure you can trust them with your health. This is why you should always check medical interpreters and your empathy with them before you hire them.


If you are going on a particularly intimate medical appointment (for example OBGYN or prostate check), make sure your medical interpreter´s gender is appropriate to make you feel comfortable during the session. Extremely personal appointments may become dreadful experiences if you don´t plan ahead.

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