Specialized translators and professionals in your field of expertise. Since translation is a communication job, it specializes on the use of a language, its culture and elements.

Different industries use specific jargon to convey they efforts to their own sector. This includes assertively speaking to clients, suppliers, strategic partners and allies.


TR+S is a group of highly professional and specialized translators, handpicked to fulfill high value translations for the sectors of their own expertise. Our specialized translators include professional lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, business administrators, and educators. We have grown up in dual language environments and become translators and/or interpreters as our full time jobs. TR+S Translators, are not just fluent in two languages. We are experts in the economic sector we have professionalized in, Additionally, we have been formally trained by TR+S to be translators of our professions.


Our expertise allows us to perform in different sectors such as military, pharmaceutical, insurance, legal, educational, scientific, advertising, and many others.

By hiring an expert professional translator, you ensure that your document will have the proper language use to convey your message as you need it delivered, no matter in which language you wrote it.

Make sure to check on your translator´s credentials before you hire a translation company. Our translator´s resumes are ready for your viewing once you decide to go ahead with your translation project.

There is no need to contact additional editors or proofreaders when you hire our services. We provide the entire line of service you deserve. All under the roof of TR+S.