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Engineering Translation

Technical Manual Translation

Imported equipment and machinery come in languages different from the one you may be need.

When importing machinery, it is crucial to bear into account, that operating manuals do not always come in the language spoken or understood by operating personnel. You must also consider that tech support and or training is not always hired. Sometimes, machinery and equipment operators are replaced by others with no previous training or experience. These situations make it necessary to translate technical manuals, service manuals, operatingmanualsuser manualsprocedures manualshandbooks, and workbooks.

translated manual makes the operator´s work easier, accelerates maintenance times and procedures, and provides knowledge of the equipment´s safety features. TR+S Traducciones y Servicios Inc. has wide experience in translating technical manuals for medical equipment, agricultural machinery, radar operation manuals among others.


We also offer experienced translators with engineering, architecture, medicine, oceanography, business administration among others as majors, who specialize in translating safety equipment manuals as well as manuals for the installation and operation of infrastructure for hydrocarbons exploration and extraction.

Colombia has a wide offer of technical translation of mining and hydrocarbon industry, reason why many of our clients are part of this industry.

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