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Scientific, Natural and Applied Science Translations

TR+S provides reliable and precise translations that make interdisciplinary work an easy task, complying with international standards for academic research, business and education.

Our scientific translators use tools such as custom-made dictionaries, glossaries and specialized industry-based terminology that set the bar in the translation world.  Our rigorous control procedures (used in every Project), ensures that our translation services guarantee precision and coherence in all our projects, no matter how large.

Translate Research Articles

Technical translation of scientific or investigation articles is a meticulous activity that requires thorough attention to detail. In order to translate a research article, the translator must have knowledge of the specific research topic. Research articles are frequently published in countries with different languages than that of the researcher, or read by audiences whose language is different than that of the language in which the article has been written. This is why translation of research articles is vital for their visibility, indexation and recognition by the scientific community.

Other services offered by TR+S that involve Technical Translation include translation of classical texts or current events articles, transcription of historical documents of particular interest for a specific magazine or journal.

TR+S Traducciones y Servicios Inc. also translates review articles and debates.


Translation of a reflection article is the translation of a document which presents a finished investigation, from a critical, interpretative, or analytical perspective by the author.

Translation of a review article is the translation of a document which is the result of an investigation where the results are analyzed, systematized and integrated to the results of other investigations associated to the field of knowledge of that particular investigation.

Translation of a short article presents partial or preliminary results of an ongoing investigation.

Translation of a case study is the translation of a document that presents the results if a study regarding a situation in order to provide information about the experience of the case and includes comments about analog or similar cases.

Translations regarding other aspects of scientific publications such as editor´s letters, editorials, and other opinion articles which do not reflect investigations per se. Translators of scientific publications and articles at www.traduccionesyservicios.com, are passionate about investigation and enjoy translating documents which provide new knowledge to people. We have specific experience in translating scientific publications in the field of medicine, engineering, veterinary, forestry, sociology, education, environment, psychology, hydrocarbons, marketing and advertising among others.

Technical translators of scientific texts are trained and receive constant upgrading courses in strategies and regulations regarding technical writing. Scientific article translation goes through a strict quality control process in which after the translation process, the document goes through a 5-step review process to eliminate possible style variations, or formatting or human mistakes.

To request your free quote, please either send us an email with the documents attached and the language pair needed, or fill in the simple free quote form, or call us at 1 754 201 3608 to speak with one of our representatives. Note your information will be held in the strictest confidence.

Our scientific translation services include:

Academic research
Data sheets
Scientific articles
Product labelling

Because of our specialization, approach, innovation and client-oriented attitude, we have won the trust and loyalty of a very select group of clients. TR+S offers solutions that satisfy your need for scientific translations, among which research articles and scientific results for complex development projects are included.

TR+S translation services stand out because they are natural, since they are not read as translations, but as documents that are thought out and written organically for the target context. Our human translators are native speakers and writers of the target language and the texts they translate reflect the style and tone of the original, considering the type of translation, specific context and even the intonation and intention of the text as much as possible.

Knowing the local culture is critical when translating tourism related documents successfully, which is why our translators specialize in this area. Our translators investigate each destination thoroughly to ensure that the most relevant local idiosyncratic elements are reflected in the language used in the translation.


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