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Technical Translation

A technical document must be translated in technical terms

For technical translation services to be efficient, they require a deep professional knowledge of the area of specialization. All technical translation services at TR+S are executed by human translators with professional expertise in a specific area of knowledge, such as engineering, architecture, chemistry, sociology, education among others, to ensure that the translated documents are as effective in the target language as they are in their original versions.

Our select group of professionals in different sectors is proud to offer exact and accurate technical translation services, accompanied by an impeccable presentation and an unbeatable client service.

Our technical translation services include:

Installation instructions
Educational Material
Technical Manuals
Service Manuals
Technical specs and brochures
User Manuals

TR+S Traducciones y Servicios Inc. translates scientific papers and other specialized publications. Among the documents translated by TR+S are general interest articles for specialized current events, showbiz and celebrity, fashion and beauty, magazines and journals among others. We also translate online publications such as tourism, social trends, and opinion articles.

On the other hand, we translate abstracts, letters, certifications, and other non-publishable documents.

Please remember us for all your simultaneous, official, technical translation needs also. You’ll be equally pleased as with our service in written translation, webpage translation, subtitling and voiceover.

Technical Translation 1
Technical Translation 2

To request your free quote, please either send us an email with the documents attached and the language pair needed, or fill in the simple free quote form, or call us in Florida at 1 754 201 3608 to speak with one of our representatives. Note your information will be held in the strictest confidence.

With our professional translators and interpreters, translation equipment and experienced staff, you can rest assured that your requirements will be met in the best way possible. If there is any pricing issue or any other factor which is preventing us from doing business with you, we can discuss about it so that we will know how we can possibly serve you.

Let us turn your translation budget into pure gold by delivering the audience, the incentives, and the discounts that pay off in more sales and happier dealers.

TR+S translation services stand out because they are natural, since they are not read as translations, but as documents that are thought out and written organically for the target context. Our human translators are native speakers and writers of the target language and the texts they translate reflect the style and tone of the original, considering the type of translation, specific context and even the intonation and intention of the text as much as possible.

Knowing the local culture is critical when translating tourism related documents successfully, which is why our translators specialize in this area. Our translators investigate each destination thoroughly to ensure that the most relevant local idiosyncratic elements are reflected in the language used in the translation.


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