Tender and bidding document translations

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Tender and bidding document translations

Tenders are pluri-dimentional projects of ample spectrum that cover technical legal, financial, commercial and advertising areas.  This is why translating tenders is one of the most demanding categories in the industry of document translation services. In other words, translating tenders requires experts.

TR+S has a certified history of successful tender translation projects executed in different sectors of the economy, aiming at different markets. TR+S guarantees that the document translation services of your tender or bidding process, executed by our translation team will reflect accurately the dedication of your original documents.  This will allow you to achieve your goals complying successfully with the deadlines required for their presentation.

TR+S has the experience, commitment and reliability to offer translation of tenders and bidding processes of top quality no matter how challenging they may be.

Focus on designing your strategy while we focus on translating your documents. TR+S has your best interest at hand, this is why we place our expertise at your service, so you can work on yours.

Development projects are often sponsored by international organisations and executed abroad. Developing countries prefer international companies participating in their road, energy, and infrastructure projects, since they have established experience and often comply with international regulations.

TR+S specializes in the technical and certified translation of all documents pertaining bidding and tender presentations. From legal to technical documents, we provide the most accurate and comprehensive solution for tender document translations

Tender and bidding document translations

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