Travel and tourism

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Travel and tourism

Tourism is a leading industry due to the fact that through tourism, people get to learn about different cultures, ways of living and environments. Additionally, tourism is one of the pillars of the economy of every country.  One of our strongest objectives is for tourists to visit (and return), to the tourist sites where a fine service is offered, and touristic information is delivered in an attractive and luring language for the tourist.

TR+S has provided profitable translations to the hotel and hospitality sectors for more than 5 years. We offer translation services to different languages to an increasing number of tourism agencies and hotel organizations, helping them attract potential clients and increasing their revenue.

 Some TR+S Clients are:

Tourism Agencies

Tourism Operators and travel Agencies

Hotels and restaurants

Cultural Institutions


Airport Operators and Authorities

TR+S translation services stand out because they are natural, since they are not read as translations, but as documents that are thought out and written organically for the target context. Our human translators are native speakers and writers of the target language and the texts they translate reflect the style and tone of the original, considering the type of translation, specific context and even the intonation and intention of the text as much as possible.

Knowing the local culture is critical when translating tourism related documents successfully, which is why our translators specialize in this area. Our translators investigate each destination thoroughly to ensure that the most relevant local idiosyncratic elements are reflected in the language used in the translation.

 TR+S experience in tourism translations includes:

Material for tourism and hospitality exhibits and fairs

Lodging catalogues

International tourism campaigns

Travel and tourism

Tourist guides, maps and brochures

Tourism events

Corporate presentations

Promotional material for hotel chains

Website translations

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