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Subtitling and Voice Over

Subtitling and voice over are techniques used when a video needs to be presented in a language other than the original language in which the video was recorded. Although these techniques have the same purpose, they differ in their strategy.


According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a subtitle is: a printed statement or fragment of dialogue appearing on the screen between the scenes of a silent motion picture or appearing as a translation at the bottom of the screen during the scenes of a motion picture or television show in a foreign language.


Voice Over:

The Merriam Webster dictionary contains two definitions for voice over:

a :  the voice of an unseen narrator speaking (as in a motion picture or television commercial)

b :  the voice of a visible character (as in a motion picture) expressing unspoken thoughts

Subtitling and Voice over also differ in execution time, price, and methodology.

While Subtitling is basically a written translation timed on the video and requires the viewer to read the text, voice over is a timed interpretation or audio recorded translation made by a professional actor, and is recorded over the original audio of the video.

To best chose the best option for translating your video, you must consider a few aspects:

  1. Target audience: If you are presenting a children´s video for an audience of non-readers, probably you should not use subtitles.
  2. If you are presenting a video for the hearing impaired, you should probably not use voice over on your video.
  3. If your video is an x-box game to be launched in Latin America for the Christmas season, subtitling is probably not your best option.

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