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Translation Confidentiality

TRADUCCIONES Y SERVICIOS Is committed to not using confidential information, except under express and written authorization form the client.  Tr+S will maintain such Information as such, under strict translation confidentiality standards, refraining from revealing, duplicating or copying  any part of it, by any means, unless required by law, in which case TR+S will notify the client, prior to disclosure of any material. TR+S is open to signing confidentiality agreements upon request.

Due to the nature of the guarantee of confidentiality established with our clients, TR+S may not disclose any translated material to clients other than the legal owners of the documents.



All our translators are handpicked and trained by TR+S CEO Carlota Sarmiento. Translators at TR+S have to have at least one of the following characteristics:

  1. Recognized degree in translation
  2. Recognized degree in any specially and at least 2 years proven experience as a translator.
  3. At least 5 years proven experience as a full-time translator.

All of our translators are fully bilingual in both language pairs and have been trained to translate to and from both language pairs.  We do not hire half-translators. A TR+S translator must be capable of understanding, speaking and writine in both original and target language and swap between them with no limitation.  This is examined by CEO during spoken and written interview, before registration to the vendor’s database as  a TR+S Translator.

Although some of our translators are located in countries different than  the countries of residence of the TR+S companies, they are all personally known, interviewed and registered by the TR+S team leader.