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Guaranteed Translation

“A Translation is not a mass-production standardized process, but a knowledge-based, intellectual, thought out endeavor. Our business model is not based on volume, but on quality. We do not automate, we translate.”

We guarantee the quality of our services though a strict quality control system:  once the translation is done by a professional translator, it is edited by an experienced professional in the specific field of the translation required.

TR+S specialized in translating public documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, contracts and other personal documents often needed for migration purposes, studying abroad and or international business. Our certified translators take care of your information with the upmost responsibility. We understand that the international requirements of an official or certified translation are specific to each country and we acknowledge and abide by the specificity of our client´s need. We follow local, national and international parameters to guarantee that your documents will be accepted and fully understood abroad.

Our translation is guaranteed through the correction of non-intentional or procedural  mistakes (typos), at no additional cost.

However, certain Government Agencies, (Embassies), legal authorities, Educational institutions, public entities, etc., have their own translation requirements, and/or a list of specific approved translators. Please verify any additional requirement for your translation service, from the institution requesting it, in order to ensure the acceptance of the translation. If the institution has special requirements not mentioned to TR+S that represent a non-acceptance of the document, our guarantee does not apply.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Please review your translation upon receipt and contact us with any question or comment. Please send in your comments and updates on your translation within 2 weeks of the date of receipt. Bear in mind that we guarantee that our translation is true and complete. this guarantee covers non-intentional errors or omissions, which we will grladly correct at no additional cost.

Our labor is process-based, and is not related to third party results or decisions, therefore, all our sales are final. We do not give money back.

Limited Responsibility

TR+S aims to produce idiomatically precise translations. However, the client understands and accepts that words and phrases in different languages rarely have an exact correlation. therefore, we do not assume responsibility for lack of importance or impact, since they may be related to the expressiveness of the text. likewise, the client accepts that the corrections made by TR+S are based on non-subjective mistakes or omissions as established in the previously mentioned satisfaction statement.

Under no circumstance will TR+S be responsible for loss, claims lawsuits, expenses, trials, or damages of any nature or kind, including, but not limited to damages or loss of earnings from direct or indirect incidents, or results, or payment of higher amounts, or fees, even though TR+S is informed of these claims. This limitation will apply in the case of disputes by third parties, war, revolution, mutiny, acts of force majeure, or any other reason.


All cancellations of translation services accepted by clients required written notification from the client and authorization from TR+S staff. Any cancellation of ongoing projects will incur in a cancellation fee determined by TR+S in accordance with the state of evolution of the projectblus banking fees related to the acquired  translation service.

Unless expressly written otherwise, those services related voice overs, or any other service related to audio or video as well as interpreting services and simultaneous translation, are subject to a notification period for cancellation of at least ten (10) days prior to the due date for delivery of the project or date of the event. If the client provides the cancellation notification, cancellation fee will be 50% of the value of the hired service. Should the client not provide written notification of the cancellation in a timely manner,  the cancellation fee will be 100% of the hired service.

The client accepts payment of these fees as payment for damages and not as penalties.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above mentioned topics please email us at info@trstranslations.com