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Our translation quote is easy to understand, read, and pay. Your documents are protected by our strict confidentiality promise, even before you hire us. From the moment you decide to request a translation quote, you are in the best hands. Just upload your document, give us a call, or email us at to receive a full comprehensive assessment on all your needs, as well as the best solution available for your requirement.

Unlike many other translation Companies, our prices are not based on the number of words in the resulting text.
Thanks to our comprehensive quoting system, our clients are not surprised by hidden costs and consider our quotes to be honest and precise.  Our translation services do not have any hidden costs. The quote we give you is the price you pay for your translation.
In order to receive your free quote, please send your document.

After you receive your translation quote, getting the work done on time is easy. just follow the steps below for a quick and successful translation service.

To order your translation, you must resend a confirmation e-mail including the following information:

– Service / purchase Order.

– Payment confirmation for the cost of the translation

In case you are wondering why quoting translation services has such variety of results in pricing, here’s some useful information:

Other elements that determine translation pricing are: delivery date for the translated document, need for paper copy and certified translation, format of the original document, country of destination of the document, and language pair for the translation.

This way, Tr+S guarantees not to exceed the price our clients pay for translation, through a binding quote.