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As a resident of Broward County, whenever I come home from an all-day interpreting job, I want to be in absolute silence and would rather nobody talk to me. When I get in the car, I must turn off the radio because if I don’t, I will keep on translating whatever the radio hosts are talking about. The elevated state of concentration that I am in, is hard to come down from, and peaceful quietness is the only solution to shut down and obtain a good night’s sleep. Interpreting requires extremely high levels of attention and complete immersion in the subject. This activity is not easily achievable, and therefore requires the same effort to come out of. Fortunately, there is a wonderful place that offers both a great interpreting market, and an extremely relaxed after work scenario.

If you are looking for a laid-back culturally rich, environmentally friendly, service oriented place to live, Broward County has all of it, and so much more.

When I grow up and can have what I please, I think I’d like to live in Broward at ease.

Once I am done with the hurrying and worrying of the professional world, when my thinking process wants to slow down and my hands are not as strong as they once were, I would like to establish my home in a place where I can have all the services I need to lay down and rest for a few years. My ideal place includes a highly active cultural scene, great food, white, sandy, clean beaches, and all the possible facilities to make my pension days a comfortable experience.

Broward County meets these criteria by far. For a nature enthusiast, South Florida has a great selection of beaches, wetlands, biodiversity, weather and open space, which will entertain the outdoor fanatic for a long time. Natural parks in Broward range from marshes and everglades to oceanariums, making the possibilities as diverse as its bird count.

Coming from a city with a population of 10.000.000+, having the possibility to share the tree outside my house with a few mushroom-eating squirrels, or the lake in my back yard with a turtle and a hawk, the landscape in Broward  invites appreciation and introspection. Although this is a necessary element in today’s stressful race to success, finding the place where you can enjoy the satisfaction of timeless gratitude in your own home, is not quite that simple. Some people go for yoga, others take kickboxing, and this location offers more than enough of that, but placing it in the convenience of your own home, is a luxury that not everyone gets to savor.

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person that is fond of cultural exuberance, make way for music, theater, art, dance and outdoor activities that will blow your mind. From jazz to opera to galleries, galas and even beach cleanups, the lively pace of Broward County is no place to have nothing to do. You can fill every day of your calendar with rich, amusing action that will refine and nurture your artistic taste.

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When I begin to feel like the autumn of my life is getting cold and the winter winds start to blow, fortunately it doesn’t really get too cold in Florida and Broward County has beautiful and excellent facilities to promote a healthy living and a proper retirement. Not only it is full of golf courses, but the health care system and communities make of this age a permanent vacation. From Assisted living to 55+ condos, every single aspect of a retiree’s life is covered by the Broward health infrastructure. It seems like it is designed to promote the incoming of medical tourism.

As the moment comes when either my body or I decide that were too lazy to dress up and prepare our own food, I can just register into the one of hundreds of senior care facilities that will do it for me as if I were in a five-star hotel. What else can you ask for?

Actually, Broward County offers very friendly and cool, harmonious cities with excellent school districts, affordable housing, great restaurants and cafes, low crime and accident rates, great weather all year round, and a stunning selection of beaches that will enchant you at any age.

Some people say you have to save the best for last, but I decided to take a chance and move already. This is the best decision I have made until now, for me and my children. Although I still have more than a few years to squeeze out of my professional life, here is where I want to do it, without a doubt. As a translator and interpreter who specializes in medical issues, the possibilities I have in Broward County are amazing.

Florida is a multi-cultural, multi-language melting pot of people, who very much like me, find the advantages of retiring in this area of the world. The high level of specialization in service infrastructure to attend this population is well-known around the globe. Since I make a living out of aiding people to communicate, by eliminating the language barriers they might have, using my translation and interpretation skills, the niche I have found is incredibly beneficial for me and any other medical interpreter looking to slow down. Although the interpreting options are so many that I have not felt that I am slowing down on my work, the lifestyle of the Broward community provides the perfect combination to the mindful art of thinking in two languages simultaneously.

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