Associated Services

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Associated Services

We also offer associated Services such as: Simultaneous Translation, Rental of Translation aid Equipment, preparing for proficiency tests in foreign languages, document edition,  correction of translated documents, video dubbing, video subtitling, translation and creation of web content, web content optimization, among others. For further information, please check our service page.The quality of our work is represented by our portfolio thanks to the letters we receive from our clients and which we are proud to publish at, in order to ensure excellence in the provision of translation agency services.

Associated Services:

Translation Equipment Rental

Video Dubbing

Document Edition

Correction of Translations

Web page Translation

Web Page Optimization

Preparing for proficiency tests in foreign Languages

Apostille and document Legalization

Content Design

Job Interview Coaching Preparation

Enter our quote request Section to receive your free quote or contact us at 323-454 8545, 786-378 7558 in Florida or 210-401 2759 in Texas in order to receive more information regarding the service you require. Our advisers and translators are available from  9:00 to a 4:00 pm to receive your inquiries and provide the personalized attention you deserve.Our clients are our main letter of presentation, which is the reason for our object in satisfying your effective communication needs. Certified translation companies in panamá, certified panamá translator and interpreters, Miami translator agency. Thank you for choosing TR+S as you certified, official, legal and technical translation companies service provider.We are a leading translation agency in the provision of certified and official translation services, made up of specialized translators in different professional areas. our  technical team works to satisfy your translation associated requirements, whether you need equipment or video dubbing, or simply a certified translation of your personal documents. TR+S is the translation service provider of your choice.

Language Solutions

Spanish is the official language in 21 countries and the second most spoken language in North America. About 350 million people speak Spanish as a native language.

Your Company may be missing out on business opportunities because your officers do not have the language skills required to close a deal in Spanish.

TRS translations has a specific program for you.

Immersion Spanish– Travel to your favorite locations and learn Spanish abroad.

Business Spanish– For Administrators and Executives

Associated Services

Voluturism– Learn Spanish while volunteering for social and environmental causes in Latin America.

Spanish for Service– For Service based Companies (Hotels, Tourism, Information Technologies, etc.)

Thank you for the update and your continued commitment to the success of the project. From my heart, I really appreciate all of the extra effort and your ongoing dedication.


Not speaking Spanish is no longer a disadvantage: Our Corporate Objective is to make regional integration easy by eliminating language barriers.

Call Us today at 1 754 201 3608 for a free assessment of your language training requirements. Let us set up a customized language solution for your company`s profile.