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A certified translation is a document which has been translated under the ethical standards of the translator´s profession, and is signed and stamped and recognized as a true and exact copy of the original document in the target language.

Certified Translation Services are issued in the following language pairs:

Certified Translation Services are issued in the following language pairs:

English to Spanish Translation

English to Portuguese translation

Spanish to Portuguese Translation

German to English Translation

German to Spanish Translation

English to French Translation

French to Spanish Translation


Spanish to English Translation

Portuguese to English Translation

Portuguese to Spanish Translation

English to German Translation

Spanish to German Translation

French to English Translation

Spanish to French Translation

A certified translation is usually requested upon translation of public documents. Public documents to be translated are usually those required for purposes abroad from the country that issues such document.

Certified translation services of public documents for academic purposes abroad include:

Certified Translation of Diplomas

Certified Translation of Grades transcripts

Certified Translation of Graduation certificates

Certified translations of public documents for relocation (visa, nationalization, naturalization, greencard) purposes include:

Birth certificates and birth records

Marriage certificates and marriage records

Death certificates and records

Public documents for corporate purposes include:

Power of attorney

Contracts and agreements

Public deeds

Financial Statements

Other translations for corporate purposes which should be certified but are not public document translations include:

A translation certificate is usually issued by the translator who translated the document. This certificate may or may not be backed up by a translation agency and may or may not be notarized.

At TRS Translatios, our translators certify the quality of their translations, not just through the  knowledge of the language pair corresponding to the translated document, but also according to the ethical standards required by TRS Translations.  TRS translations certifies the quality of each and every translation project ensuring our clients the result in successful communication of their document into the target language.

Certified Translation of medical results

Translation of advertising material

Certified Translation of technical datasheets

Certified Translation of reports

Certified Tanslation of technical manuals


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